Dead Battery Jump

Portland Car Battery Jump

There is no worse feeling than trying to start your car only to hear that dry click that means you need a Battery Jump. At Tinker Towing we know how frustrating it is to need a Battery boost and we know that it can happen a lot especially with Portland winters.

If you have to call a Towing company no matter what the reason it is not fun, it doesn’t matter what you need a tow truck for it could be anything from roadside assistance to a simple battery boost the truth is having to call a towing company can ruin your day, but it doesn’t have to.

At Tinker Towing we know that you are not having a good day when you call us, that is why our company motto is to solve your problem as quickly as possible and getting you back on the road fast. (we also love the motto Go Red Sox! But getting you back on the road fast is important to us too Haha.)

When to comes to your towing needs no matter what they are there should only be one call you make – Tinker Towing – 503-622-8081.

When your, Truck or Motorcycle has a dead battery, there is a few things to remember.

Our Tow Truck Operator will go over all of this with you but if you decide to do it yourself here are some safely steps to remember.

When getting a jump from another car make sure both cars are turned off.

Hook the positive (red) cable to the car battery lead on the care providing the charge. Next, hook the other positive (red) cable to your car’s positive battery lead. Next, hook the negative (black) cable to the car providing the jump to the negative battery lead. Lastly, connect your negative lead to a piece of non-painted metal on your car.

Next start the car providing the Battery Boost and let it run for several moments finally try to start your car if, it doesn’t start let the charging car run for several more minutes and try again. If the car still doesn’t start, you may have more of a problem than a dead battery.

If the car does start, don’t turn the engine off! Drive your car for at least fifteen minutes.

If you have more of an issue than a dead battery, you will need to call a professional tow truck operator.

At Tinker Towing we believe that it is our job to deal with your problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

That is why Tinker Towing is dedicated to making sure that you our customer has the best service possible and we will continue to provide that service, just like we have since we first opened our doors.

If you are in need of something as simple as a Battery boost or you, need something more complicated like emergency roadside assistance you can call Tinker Towing and we will resolve your issue fast.

If your car is damaged, give us a call today by clicking on the picture below.